Aims, Projects and Results of the Watchet CCT

Watchet CCT aims to help secure a stronger future for Watchet through a series of regeneration projects, small and large, short and long term.

In order to achieve this, we have an Economic Strategy for Watchet, which you can download here:- Watchet Economic Plan (pdf 2.8 mb)

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The Watchet CCT Vision

We will know we have succeeded when Watchet is a busy and vibrant town all year round, when new shops and restaurants are opening, where our young people are setting up businesses and social enterprises, where visitors stay all day and spend money and when they go home they recommend Watchet to their friends!

The Watchet CCT Aims

Our key aims and objectives are:-
•   Build a strong tourism economy with infrastructure support
•   Develop a vibrant and compelling brand
•   Create jobs and enterprise
•   Support retail development and opportunities
•   Enhance cultural opportunities for visitors and locals
•   Work collaboratively to get the best outcomes

Our Achievements

When Watchet is cited as an example of coastal regeneration at its best, then we will know our work is done.